Cabinet Features

PATENTED 'Stay-Open' Double Doors

Patented 'Stay-Open' double door mechanism. Right door stays open whilst the left door is open for easier loading and unloading. Once left door is released, doors automatically close sequentially.

Stay open double door mechanism

Concealed Self Closing Doors

Trafalgar's range of Hazardous Chemical Storage Cabinets feature a self closing door mechanism with sequential self closing on double door cabinets.  Our cabinets are built with continuous piano hinges ensuring a smooth closure of door.  The range includes our Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic, Organic and Oxidising cabinets.

Concealed Stay open door mechanism

Recessed Handle

Trafalgar's range of Flammable Liquid, Corrosive Substance and Toxic Substance Cabinets feature a key lock recessed handle, with two keys supplied.  These cabinets also feature a three point self latching door mechanism.

Easy Grip 'D' Handle

Trafalgar's range of Organic Peroxide and Oxidising Agent Storage Cabinets feature an easy grip 'D' handle for easy opening of the cabinet.  The cabinets self closing non latching doors are held shut by magnetic latches, which will release in the event of an internal buildup of pressure.  

Adjustable Shelves

Trafalgar's range of Hazardous Chemical Storage Cabinets feature fully adjustable galvanised shelves which are perforated for leakages and to permit free air flow.  The cabinets contain internal shelf brackets that fully interlock with the shelves.  Shelves are easily replaced if damaged.

Cabinet Shelving

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