Instand Write-off Extended

Wed, 6th Feb 2019

Buy your cabinet, instantly write it off. ...

Trafalgar Acquires Store-Safe

Tue, 25th Sep 2018

Trafalgar is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Store-Safe brand and assets from Wicke Australia, effective 21 September ...

Upgrade To Functional Compliance

Wed, 29th Aug 2018

With Australian Standards being reviewed and updated on a regular basis, dangerous goods storage cabinets that might have complied ...

Instant Tax Write-Off

Wed, 20th Jun 2018

Need a safety cabinet? Buy now and you may be able to optimise your tax deductions. ...

The New 9kg Gas Bottle Cabinet is Here!

Mon, 6th Mar 2017

Trafalgar's range of cabinets has a new addition to the family! ...

Riding For Country Kids 2017

Mon, 30th Jan 2017

Every child deserves access to specialist health and development care. Your support will transform the life of a child ...

Retiring But Not Tiring

Thu, 15th Dec 2016

Retiring But Not Tiring ...

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