Upgrade To Functional Compliance

Upgrade To Functional Compliance

Wed, 29th Aug 2018

With Australian Standards being reviewed and updated on a regular basis, dangerous goods storage cabinets that might have complied at the time of purchase, may not meet the requirements now. Upgrading safety chemical storage cabinets, however, can deliver more benefits than just compliance, namely improved functionality.

The AS 1940-2017 stipulates that cabinet doors must be “self-closing, close-fitting and held shut automatically by catches at two or more points”. Whilst essential to achieve the purpose of the cabinet, the self-closing mechanism has been one of the design elements that has in the past caused problems for many in the workplace.

Business owners and managers often turn a blind eye to safety cabinet doors being propped open, as this makes loading and unloading chemicals easier. However, not only can this result in financial penalties due to non-compliance, it also compromises the effectiveness of the cabinet and creates a dangerous environment for employees.

This issue has been resolved, however, through clever engineering and design. Trafalgar has developed a patented stay-open door mechanism for double door cabinets, in which the right door stays open whilst the left door is open. Once the left door is released, the right door self- closes and latches, as per the requirements of AS 1940-2017. Without the need to prop open the right door, filling and retrieving is safer, easier and faster.

With the additional benefit of this patented closing mechanism being concealed, thus preventing damage and increasing the usable space, Trafalgar’s locally manufactured cabinets range includes Flammable, Corrosive, Toxic, Organic and Oxidising cabinets.

For further information about Trafalgar’s range of patented stay-open safety cabinets contact the team on 1800 888 714 or

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